protect your car,

protect your family

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Have you ever worried about your children or elderly parents?

Because you didn't know where they were going, what could happen to them?
VEMOCO got you, it sends you a notification there is any trouble!

Let see how!

1. Download the VEMOCO PRO app
2. Scan you Vemoco device
3. Invite your family members
4. Set notifications

GPS fleet tracking

Vemoco starter


Per vehicle per day.
Billed annual.


  • Emergency call
    • If you're in a major accident, our mobile app will call your emergency contact right away for help.
  • Vehicle supervision
    • Get an instant alert if your car starts without your permission or leaves a designated area.
  • Automated alert
    • Our device will notify you if your car is stolen or in an accident.
  • Dangerous neighbourhood alert
    • Get an alert if your car enters an area you don't want it to.
  • Manage all your family cars
    • You can add as many VEMOCO devices as you need to keep track of your family's cars.
  • Map view
    • Use our app to find your car, track its movements, and view past trips.
  • Car diagnostics
    • Our app can help you diagnose car problems and tell you how serious they are.
  • Cost reduction
    • Improve your driving and save on fuel and maintenance costs with our VEMOCO index.
  • Logbooks
    • Store your car routes and even download them in an xls format to remember your best trips. You can also choose to share or hide your location with others.

Our services


1 year warranty to your own device

Subscription Required ($8.99/month)
canceled at any time


1 year device warranty

save $37.88 / year


What’s included?

Mobile application

Web portal


Differentiation of private and shared travel types


Sharing the driver's notification alerts with unlimited members

Protection handling

Emergency call management

Important POIs (setup of unlimited number of POIs important for the family/team)

Notifications (accidents, driver behaviour, maintenance, POI)

Basic vehicle diagnostic via on-board diagnostics (OBD) alerts

Driver behaviour statistics

Monthly reports (fuel, distance, driving time)

30+ team/family reports on web portal


Please select the vehicle where you want to use the VEMOCO device
Vehicle data

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VEMOCO usage data

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Plug-and-play hardware
  • The VEMOCO device is compatible with most vehicles made in 2001 or later, so you can use it with your car without any issues.
  • Easy setup: Simply plug in the VEMOCO device into your car and start using the service right away.
  • Warranty options: Get hardware warranty for 2 years or even lifelong, depending on your subscription plan.
  • 4G data included: You don't need an additional data plan because the VEMOCO device comes with a 4G data access SIM card.
  • Add more devices: You can add as many VEMOCO PRO devices to your app as you want - there's no limit.
Easy install
  • Installing the VEMOCO device is quick and easy.
  • Plug it into the standard OBD-II port found on most vehicles from model year 2001 or newer.
  • No installation tools are required for most vehicles, and it takes less than a minute.
  • Stay connected with the VEMOCO device, which sends notifications to your phone and any family members you've added as contacts if it becomes disconnected, whether intentionally or accidentally.
  • No need for an additional 4G mobile data plan. Once the device is installed, the service is active and ready to use.

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30-day satisfaction guarantee

Get vemoco

If you’re not completely happy with VEMOCO OBD, return it within the first 30 days.

VEMOCO shall have no liability whatsoever for any damages that arise from, or are connected with, your use of our services, including the VEMOCO OBD, in a manner contrary to the(se) instructions or in violation of law and/or our agreement. Installed devices may only be removed and transferred to another vehicle. Transfers between vehicles which do not follow the(se) instructions will void any and all warranties from VEMOCO, and relieve VEMOCO of all liability for damages that arise from or are connected with your use of the devices.